Create Your Three Ifs

Change your point of view. "What if" questions are a great way to empathize with your target market and open up your mind to new possibilities. They help break down assumptions, challenge the status quo, and explore different perspectives. Plus, they can also help identify potential challenges and find creative solutions. Next time you're stuck, try asking yourself "what if" and see where it takes you.

For example

What if my product exists 100 years from now?

What if we had a billion dollar investment?

What if a teenager came up with it?

More examples...

What if it was a different industry?

What if it was created 100 years in the future?

What if I change my target audience?

What if I make it funny?

What if I make it practical?

Your turn 👇

  1. Start by listing different aspects of your business or product in the rows (e.g., target audience, industry, time period).
  2. On the columns, write down various "what if" scenarios you'd like to explore.
  3. At the intersection of each aspect and scenario, brainstorm ideas, challenges, or opportunities that could arise.
  4. Reflect on the insights gained from this exercise and how they can be applied to your business or product.