One Minute Concept Map

Expand your perspective. Concept maps are visual diagrams that show the relationships between different topics. They can be incredibly helpful for sparking new ideas and uncovering connections between things that seem unrelated. Draw two random Concept Cards from PITCH and try creating your own concept map.

For example

You’re asked to come up with a business idea that incorporates ‘Sound’ and ‘Land’.

A 1 minute concept map might look something like this:

Guiding questions for concept maps

What are alternate definitions of the word?

What are the parts that make up the thing?

Think of how the word relates to history or pop culture? Is it found in any idioms or common phrases?

Do you have any personal experiences related to the thing?

What would be the complete opposite of this thing?

Your turn 👇


Pick any two concepts at random (e.g. Space and Sleep).


Use the guiding questions above if you get stuck.


Create your own concept map! Use pen-and-paper or try online tools like Miro and LucidChart.