Evaluate a pitch

When it comes to making important decisions about business ideas, you want to be as objective as possible. This tool was designed to help you do just that. Whether you're on the pitching team or on the jury, use it to evaluate pitches, ask the right questions, and give valuable feedback.

If you're in an informal setting, we suggest speaking out loud as you are using this tool and brainstorm improvements as a group.
OVERALL impact

Is there a clearly defined customer segment?

Was the problem well communicated?

Does the solution actually solve the problem?

Was the proposed solution well differentiated from its alternatives?

Is the problem space big enough for a business opportunity?


Did the solution incorporate all the assigned concepts?

Were the concepts combined in an unique or novel way?

Did the solution incorporate the assigned business model?

Was the business model used in a unique or novel way?

Did the proposed solution inspire you or pique your interest?


Is the business model sustainable?

Is the business model profitable?

Was there evidence to support the pitch?

Does the solution deliver value to the target audience?

Does the solution incorporate a new or growing trend?


Is it clear what resources and budget would be needed to make the idea happen?

Can the business scale?

Can the idea be brought to life with existing technologies?

Can we start working on the idea today?

Is it clear what the next steps are to take the idea forward?


Did the pitch hold your attention?

Were you inspired to learn more or ask questions?

Were the name and tagline memorable?

Was there audience interaction during the pitch?

Was the pitch articulated and delivered clearly?

The results are in!

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Overall impact










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